We have created elearning courses and an Emergency Planning guide to assist head teachers, bursars, caretakers and governing bodies in their planning for emergencies and for devising a School Emergency Plan. 

The authors and developers of these resources have been working with schools in the field of Emergency Planning, Resilience, Risk Assessment and Business Continuity for more than ten years.  They have created resilience forums and networks, conducted training events, exercises and seminars.   The bulk of the work has been the annual production of the Emergency Planning for Schools guide, which has been acknowledged as an exemplar. 

What we OFfer:

  • Emergency Planning for Schools in 2017/2018
  • E-Learning packages for every aspect of planning for the types of emergencies most often encountered in schools
  • Online School Closure And Reporting (OSCAR) software (currently in testing)
  • Aide memoires
  • Templates
  • Emergency Plan Creation kits
  • Resources for Early Years provision

As a school that has witnessed a major Police incident in the close vicinity and the death of a member of staff during the school day you can never underestimate the need for emergency planning. As such, this is an essential document in planning for all eventualities, the unexpected really does happen.
— Primary Academy Headteacher