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Some schools may feel that the Emergency Planning for Schools guide provides enough of a broad view of the subject.  However, many schools will have unique circumstances that mean that they need to acquire a more detailed understanding of a particular area of Emergency Planning.   Larger primary or secondary schools may be more prone to emergencies simply because of their size.

A typical training package will take about 45 minutes to complete and will have three or four distinct learning elements.  Each element has an introduction, a middle section of knowledge and learning followed by an assessment and testing section.  On completion of each learning element, there is a revision and testing section that integrates all the learning into single scenarios. 

Each training module is standalone and there is no necessity to follow a sequence.  Simply access the packages that your school needs.

Introduction to Emergency Planning for Schools

No matter how much preparation and practice you put in place, sometimes an emergency simply happens.  When it does, having everything you need instantly to hand, can save time, effort, even lives.  It will also be of benefit in determining how quickly your school will recover from an emergency, or how effectively you maintain your core function during the emergency.

£60 per school based on 5 logins

The Grab Bag and it’s use during the Management of an Emergency

This course is designed to assist schools in becoming better prepared to plan for an emergency and to manage during and after an emergency.

£60 per school based on 5 logins

Intruders, Incursions and Lockdowns

The heightened security awareness has resulted in a demand for training and guidance in locking down a school.  The Schools Emergency Planning Team have developed a new training module, “Intruders, Incursion and Lockdowns’ which will demystify the subjects and facilitate the production of effective Lockdown plans and policies.

This module will equip the user with all the background knowledge required to reduce the likelihood and the impact of a serious security incident.  It will advise the user on when a Lockdown is appropriate, and at what level it should be established.    It will explain what a dynamic Lockdown is and how to implement one in primary and secondary school environments using a user-friendly but thorough approach.  Finally it will offer a method of applying the Governmental Run, Hide, Tell best practice to classes of children and young people.

£80 per school based on 5 logins

Watch this space for courses coming soon…

  • Counter Terrorism and Hostile Incursions
  • Risk Assessment for School Emergency Planning
  • Business Continuity for Schools
  • Structural and Operational Emergencies
  • Human Emergencies